Not worth a dollar – if it were free maybe. ✭✩✩✩✩


Update Dec. 20, 2013: Thanks to your help, we are now seeing some positive reviews in the App Store. You guys are the best! The mission is largely accomplished; that one bad review has been trumped by your responses. But do read on to see what this was about and for a free copy of the app.

I could use your help!

Above is the only review for my iPhone app (Where in the World is Santa Claus?).  The app has a single one-star rating, and very few people are buying it.  Yet I know from personal experience that little kids love this app — it has been known to make them giggle and scream.  So I am trying to get the app into as many hands as possible before Christmas to get a broader range of reviews on iTunes.

This is where I need your help!  Just click any link below to grab a free copy of the app with an iTunes promo code, especially if you have a kid who might like to check in on Santa Claus. If iTunes says “This code has already been redeemed”, then just try another one from the list.

Apparently iTunes will not let you review an app redeemed from a promo code. So just enjoy the free apps while they last and spread the word if you like it.

If you have any trouble, please let me know at .  Note that the bad review above shows up under the “All Versions” tab.

Actually, why not make the app free?
Despite the suggestion in the review mentioned above, distributing the app for free does not work in this case. Free apps depend on advertising and in-app purchases for revenue.  Being for kids, this app cannot use advertising, and in-app purchases don’t make sense for this app.  So we sell it for the minimum price allowed on iTunes, free of ads and paid add-ons.
Is this a trick?
No, this is not a trick.  The app is normally $0.99, but Apple provides me with a number of free copies, so I am just giving them away here in the hopes of getting more reviews on iTunes.  That’s it.  We are looking for honest reviews.  We do not collect any revenue of any kind, and we do not know anything about who downloads the apps.